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I find it very difficult to talk about myself so I turned to a dear friend who knows me best to help me out.......


Every good day must begin with tea. A cookie helps too.

Walking the dog comes next, on the beach or in the woods, storm or shine as Alma the golden retriever isn’t picky. She’d probably prefer torrential rain…it would make things more interesting. Louis the three legged cat is happy to just snooze the morning away by the fire in the warmth of the cabin. A surf with friends might follow, if Karley’s home in Tofino, or maybe a ski tour in the mountains with her husband Erik if they’re at their home in Cumberland. Regardless, the rest of the day will be spent outside and for Karley, it’s this balance between the simple, comforting routines of home and being out in wild places that defines her.

Karley’s passion for travel and adventure has taken her around the world, from skiing in Japan and rambling all over Africa, to surfing remote Indonesian islands and playing music with her band in the deepest hollers of the Appalachian mountains. While the wild natural world continues to inspire her and her photography, it’s the people occupying these places and the beautiful simplicity found in everyday life that really capture her heart and keep the shutter clicking.

Her knack for seeking the subtle, most personal moments are what really shines in her images, whether it’s a glance shared between a couple celebrating their wedding day in the middle of a Tofino winter storm, or the love of a man has for his prize poodle at the local dog show. No matter the setting, or the weather, there’s always something extraordinary to be captured.

Life is full of routines, interactions and habits that are easily taken for granted, but Karley is a connoiseur of these little things that, with just the right perspective, make the ordinary anything but.




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I am based out of Tofino and Cumberland on Vancouver Island, BC but I am always more than happy to travel!  


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Or if email isn't your thing give me a call, I'm old fashioned and love a nice phone chat. 250.522.0155

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