Elan + Ania

The forecast leading up to Elan and Ania's Tofino wedding called for nothing but rain, lots of it and wind too. We all came to terms that it was gonna be a wet wedding but they weren't gonna let some rain dampen their spirits, they were both totally game to drag their guests outside get out and brave the elements. Sure enough, on the day of their wedding I woke up to rain pounding on my roof, but come early afternoon the wind changed to north west and I had a good feeling things were gonna dry up for these two. What I didn't know though was just how beautiful it was gonna get. The sky had residual storm clouds in it but with the sun poking though and low in the sky it gave us with the most amazing light that only comes in the winter,  it was a stunning combination and I was loosing my mind. Ania and Elan were so much fun to work with, they were game for all my ambitious photography requests and didn't bat an eye about getting completely soaked ( a couple times.... haha) We hit up some of my favorite locations and had so many good laughs together as you can see from the photos below, we had quite a time. 



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