A bike ride to Lasqueti Island.

As goes for most everyone, summer is a very busy time for myself  and my husband Erik. Knowing this and anticipating the need for a get away at the end of it we did what we hardly every do, we blocked off  time from work, booked a place  and planned a local get away in advance. We both knew that if we didn’t things would come up and it would be easy to put it off. Over the past few years we have been exploring the Gulf Islands and more recently we have done it via bike, we’ve hit Denman, Hornby, Savory, Quadra and Cortes so it only made sense that we check out Lasqueti. There are endless reasons why bike touring is so awesome but for me two big ones are not being dependent on a car and how it can make somewhere very close and seemingly familiar or not exciting feel like a really awesome get away. 

 We loaded up our bikes on a beautiful early September morning and left from our home in Cumberland. With a light tail wind we cruised the old island highway under our own power taking in the sights and smells at a pace that makes you notice the subtle things that you just don’t get to experience when you drive. The late summer/early fall air smelled like blackberries and dried leaves and was warm but you could feel the seasons were changing, we stopped at any pretty spot we wanted just to check things out or have a snack. The 70km to French Creek flew by and it was there that we jumped on the ferry to Lasqueti….. I can’t tell you much about the ferry ride as apparently I was quite tired and passed out pretty much immediately. We arrived and as Erik fixed his flat on the dock I happily watch the comings, goings and different interactions of all the locals and tourists.

It turned out I conveniently booked a place at the very opposite end of the island from the ferry terminal so after a pretty full day of riding we had another 20 on dirt, and like all the other Golf Islands I am learning, not flat roads. It’s a good thing that the island is so darn cool cause there were no shortages of things to look and and ponder while peddling along. Lasqueti is much different from any other island I have visited, it is entirely off grid so it takes a certain type of person to commit to living there, the locals seem very protective of this beautiful place and a little wary of visitors. It is exceptionally quiet, not just from lack of powerlines and electricity but there just aren’t many people around, there are few cars and you hardly see any houses from the road. For being an inhabited place the island really seems quite untouched, which is really quite incredible given humans tendency to ruin things…. Hence the protectiveness I guess.  I was just starting to hit the wall hard and regret not doing a little more research about our B&B location when we pretty much hit the end of a road and the prettiest spot we’d seen thus far. Our place was in the Squitty Bay marine park and was our own little piece of actual paradise, south facing, ocean front, adorable cabin with a huge front deck…. We couldn’t have been in a more perfect place to chill out.   I could blabber on forever about how great our trip was and how beautiful of a place Lasqueti is but instead you can just look at pictures I took, which also probably don’t do it justice. Click for full size images.

All images shot on film with my Nikon F1 and Kodak Ektar 100 film.

karley bracey