Denise + Aileen

Together for 17 years Denise and Aileen tied the knot in Vancouver in the most beautifully unconventional way I have ever heard. They partook in Pop-Up Weddings Love in the Square. It's an event that happens annually where decorators, photographers, florists and commissioners all donate their services and time and gather in Robson Square where you can come and get married  for just a donation to the food bank. In 2017 they married 75 couples and donated over $1300.00, there is an amazing video link here that captures the essence of day perfectly and had me in tears.

After their elopement Denise and Aileen headed to Tofino, their favorite place in the world to get away and celebrate their recent nuptials. It was here that I had the absolute pleasure of meeting these two and capturing them in their newlywed bliss. They both worked in the IT industry and and were recently offered a buy out which they happily took. Instead of getting new jobs, Aileen and Denise opted for early retirement and are wearing it exceptionally well, they are spending their time traveling the world and just generally enjoying all the great things that life has to offer. Congrats you two!