The Hoop family goes to Mexico.

I just retuned from a Hoop family get away to Mexico.... for those that are wondering, the Hoop's are what my family calls themselves when we are en mass....think Griswald's.... but with more drinking and swearing. We were all there for a couple weeks, it was the epitome of a relaxing holiday, the days were spent on the beach where I surfed and the fam jam spectated all the goings on and shredded the gnar on their boogie boards, evenings we ate tacos had margs and beers, slept well and did it all again the next day... it was glorious. The premise for our holiday was to celebrate my Mom's 60th birthday. Two of her best friends and my oldest childhood friend and basically my mom's second daughter all flew in to surprise her, we rented a beautiful house 5 minutes from the beach, and it was the first time in a really long time we had all been away together...... every one was real excited.  60 is a  big birthday so we wanted to make it memorable.... and that we did. For her birthday we breakfasted with margaritas, bronzed on the beached, watched the sunset with more margaritas while watching Humpback whales breach on the horizon.... then we went to dinner. We dined on a roof top patio and all was quite civilized until the 3 rounds of tequila shots for dessert.... very soon after this we turned this fancy restaurant into a night club blasting all the hits of the 50's and 60's ( at this point there are still other customers in the place, but we got all of them on the dance floor too)  and then very soon after that we moved our dance party to the pool.... where everyone jumped in fully clothed and the amazing waiters continued to serve us beer (only in Mexico). The funny part is that for something like this to happen isn't even that unusual for my family..... I can think of many other occasions where a seemingly ordinary dinner party turns into a all night dance party.... as far back as I can remember I recall falling asleep to the sounds of people laughing, Van Morrison, Tom Petty, Bob Segar, The Stones and many other classics blaring on the stereo late into the night. Basiclly, all it comes down to is that my family really like to have a good time, and their sense of fun is contagious..... anyone who has spent an evening with us would agree with this. When you are with the Hoops, your wine glass will never be empty, you will always be well fed and many laughs will be had. 

All images shot on film using Kodak Portra 400 and Ektar 100. 



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karley bracey