Steph is one of my dearest friends. We have known each other for 12ish years and in that time we have worked together, travelled to many countries on surf trips, road tripped to music festivals, summited mountains, we play in a band together, I can read her mind, she constantly busts me when I am being weird... mostly smelling random things, and she stood up for me at my wedding. We have been a part of each other lives for many of it's chapters and most recently I have had the  pleasure in witnessing her pregnancy. She has had an incredibly smooth 9 months with no sickness or discomfort, she was surfing and going to the gym till just a couple months ago, and for someone who has never been baby crazy she is already wearing motherhood exceptionally well and over the course of her pregnancy I have witnessed a new maternal side of Steph evolve.

I also feel so lucky that I have the ability to give my friends the gift of photographs during these monumental times of their life. For the most part my friends aren't crazy about photos so I take it upon myself to come up with shoots that suit them and their personalities, I want them to be in comfortable surroundings and for their photos to really represent them. For Stephy I knew that I wanted to incorporate her incredible musical talents and beautiful insutments that she plays. Steph and her husband Donny also just so happen to have the most amazing vintage Royal Spartan trailer at their farm in Port Alberni, they have meticulously restored it and stylishly decorated it to era, so location was an easy choice. I am so happy with how all this came together, you obviously can't hear it but when Steph wasn't playing we had Sonny and Terry on the record player which made for perfect back ground music and set an awesome tone for the shoot. The thing that really stole the show though was Steph, she looked so beautiful and radiant, that combined with being in the comforts of her amazing trailer really made for and epic combination and I pretty much just stepped back and captured the magic that naturally unfolded in front of my lens. 

karley bracey