Maddie + Jordon: Comox Valley Farm Wedding

I couldn't have been more thrilled that Maddie and Jordon chose me to document their wedding day. A. because there are awesome people and B. they were having a farm wedding in Courtenay, BC in the Comox Valley. I absolutely LOVE shooting weddings on the west coast and feel incredibly grateful that I get to do it so much but creatively,  I  love a change of scenery every once in a while. Maddie a flight attendant and Jordon a recent medical school graduate managed to find me via the wonderful thing called the internet and just through our emails and phone conversations I knew we were going to get along great, and when I finally met them in person at Jordon's parents property the day before their wedding there wasn't a doubt in my mind that we were gonna have an awesome time. While wandering around the property I couldn't help but get really excited, there were fields,  golf carts, barns, dirt bikes, farm equipment annnnnnnd chickens! (I love chickens) Everything on the property was fair game, and the potential  for amazing photos was endless, I left our meeting feeling rather giddy. From meeting Maddie and Jordon I figured they would have a good, fun crew of guests and that they did. Everyone at the wedding was dressed to kill and ready to have a hell of a party, by the end of my time I felt more like one of their guests then a photographer..... this one was one for the books. 

If you are wondering if I travel, the answer is YES! I love shooting in new locations: ) 

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