Sam + Angela: Beauty in Ucluelet, BC

After a busy summer, I always look forward to the slower winter months. With the arrival of our first babe expected in a few weeks this winter has been a little different. Our surf trips to tropical destinations and days spent splitboarding in the mountains have been replaced with slow dog walks, leisure laps at the swimming pool, gentle yoga and lots of books. I hope that the latter doesn't sound like I am complaining, I have thouroghly enjoyed this slowed down pace that pregnancy forces upon you… I have actually thought a number of times how I might take a little of it into my non-pregnant life that awaits me… I have had more conversations with strangers and observed subtle new things in familiar places then ever and I think it just comes down the fact that I move a lot slower these days and have more time. It’s been really nice. Another great thing about having time is that I can reflect back on past weddings and shoots from the craziness of summer that never had the chance to be put out to the world.

One such wedding is Sam and Angela’s. They got married at The Black Rock Resort in Ucluelet, BC on Vancouver Island. Angela and Sam’s relationship hasn’t been without its challenges, Angela is a cancer survivor and had just finished her treatments not too long before their wedding day. It was obvious from their insanely emotional wedding vows and just being around them that going though something like that together only made their relationship stronger and made them closer, they had an appreciation for one another that was powerful to be around. Their wedding was filled with all things that a good wedding should be… Great people, good food, and lots of love, and to put a cherry on top of it all, the weather was even perfect:)

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