Joane + Vanessa

When Joane called me to inquire about wedding photography it’s a small miracle that we even connected. It was about 5 days after I had delivered our baby girl Noa and I think the only reason I answered the phone is because I thought it was my midwife who I was expecting to arrive any minute. I sure am glad that I picked up that day cause from the minute we started chatting I felt a really nice connection, turns out she was a midwife in the military for 25 years and we spent the majority of our conversation not chatting about her wedding details but about my delivery and post partum state she was genuinely interested and offered me kind words and very knowledgeable advice. Her and Vanessa’s wedding day was on June 29th, 3 months after Noa was born and I initially told her I didn’t think I could do it cause I wasn’t sure how she was going to be, if she would take a bottle or if she would be colic and I would be a sleep deprived zombie unfit for wedding photography. It became very clear that these two wanted me to capture their wedding and they would do anything to accommodate me and little Noa, even if her and Erik had to tag along while I was shooting and if I had to nurse while working they assured me they wouldn’t mind. It all seemed like it was meant to be so I said yes. We met for coffee a couple weeks later and I instantly felt so comfortable with Vanessa and Joane, it was as if we had known each other for years. They shared with me the details of their day…. 40 of their closest family and friends, ceremony at Minter Gardens in Qualicum followed by dinner and dancing at the Qualicum Golf Club. There was so much sentiment in everything about Vanessa and Joane’s wedding from their vows to each other, and Joane’s heartfelt vows to Adam, Vanessa’s son, to their first dance that they had taken dance lessons for, even their guest list was narrowed down to the people that are truly the most important to them, all these touching details made for the loveliest of days that I was so grateful to have been apart of. I can’t thank these two enough for treating me so well and being so welcoming, I felt as though I wasn’t just “the photographer” but one of their guests.

karley bracey